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Logo quiz cars level 5 answers by Bubble quiz games for Android phones, this level is consist of 15 logos only, let’s get started: the first logo with orange yellow blue shield has letters “gg” is Koenigsegg, car logo with letters “MC motive” is McLaren, oval logo with letters “PA” is Pagani, red square logo with letters “A UR” is Saturn, blue logo with letters “CAN” is Scania, blue letter A with red underline is DAF.

Red logo start with “E” is ERF, black oval logo has a dog at the top is Mack, logo with letters “IV REG 12” is Chivas Regal, a yellow red badge has scorpion symbol is Abarth, a black square logo with letters “B S” is Brabus, wings logo has letters “ON MA” is Aston Martin, green logo with letters “A RA” is Astra, letter A in blue circle is Aixam, the last logo is Brilliance.

Logo quiz cars answers level 5 by Bubble quiz games

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Logo Quiz Cars Answers Level 5 for Android (Bubble Quiz Games), 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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