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Logo quiz by Android crowd answers level 8Logo Quiz by Android Crowd answers Level 8 – in this level 8 you need to answers at least 31 logos before you can continue to the next level of the game and below are the hints and the answers for this level.

Hint: Nickname is Big Blue an American multinational technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Amronk.
Answers: IBM

Hint: Orange circle with leaf inside, a global brand of fruit flavored carbonated soft drink from the Coca Cola Company
Answers: Fanta

Hint: Red circle backslash with ghost inside, American supernatural comedy film
Answers: Ghostbusters

Hint: Blue building with a small white square inside it, a U.S. based chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores
Answers: Lowe’s

Hint: Old man smiling in red circle, a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky. Primary sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches.
Answers: KFC

Hint: A carbonated soft drink brand produced and owned by PepsiCo
Answers: Mountain Dew

Hint: Red “H” with “&” symbol, Swedish global retail clothing company, known for its fast fashion clothing offering for women, men, teenagers and children
Answers: H&M

Hint: American multinational energy corporation headquartered in San Ramon
Answers: Chevron

Hint:  Dark cyan “P” letter and yellow love symbol, brand of baby products marketed by Procter and Gamble
Answers: Pampers

Hint: Major French video game publisher and developer
Answers: Ubisoft

Hint: Yellow and orange circle with missing letters inside it, brand name of popular laundry detergent
Answers: Tide

Hint: Red square and 3 red ovals inside with letters “Auto Life Fire”, group of insurance and financial services companies in the United States
Answers: State Farm Insurance

Hint: Yellow circle and red arrow, initially created to be a global beer brand, the most popular beer in Brazil
Answers: Skol

Hint: “US” letters in red background, a diversified financial services holding company, headquartered in Minneapolis
Answers: U.S. Bancorp

Hint: Red check symbol and red Z, a global broadband and telecommunications company
Answers: Verizon

Hint: Worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand also the manages the brands Daniel Jouvance, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Petit Bateau
Answers: Yves Rocher

Hint: Potato and wheat based snacks, in 2012 Kellogg’s company officially acquired this brand.
Answers: Pringles

Hint: Red oval star with “P” and letter “Est 1885” on the bottom right, soft drink marketed as having unique flavor, was created in the 1880s by Charlies Alderton of Waco
Answers: Dr Pepper

Hint: Blue dog footprint and “DU” letter, Chinese web service company
Answers: Baidu

Hint: American multinational telecommunications corporation
Answers: AT&T

Hint: An annual rally raid type of off-road race
Answers: Dakar Rally

Hint: Blue rotated square, American chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs owned and operated by Wal-Mart Stores
Answers: Sam’s Club

Hint: Orange horse-drawn carriage and letter “PARIS”
Answers: Hermes

Hint: Start with green “IA” and dog footprint on the right, brand name for dog food and car food, its products are developed by nutritionist and veterinarians
Answers: Iams

Hint: Brand of household odor eliminator
Answers: Febreze

Hint: Start with double red XX letter and ML, American multinational oil and gas company
Answers: ExxonMobil

Hint: Yellow rectangle, providing international express mail service, a world market leader in sea and air mail
Answers: DHL

Hint: Start with “C” and end with “in” letter, brand name of toilet paper
Answers: Charmin

Hint: Red big letter A and green red bird inside it, French international retail group and multinational corporation
Answers: Auchan

Hint: cc > e
Answer: Accenture

Hint: Red circle and a red dot in the center, second largest discount retailer in the United States
Answers: Target

Hint: Red square with letter WE AR O, American multinational diversified financial services company
Answers: Wells Fargo

Hint: Yellow price tag
Answer: Best Buy

Hint: Fictional airlines used in several firms, television programs and comic books
Answer: Oceanic Airlines

Hint: American skin care line
Answer: Oil of Olaz

Hint: Red letter “O” and “A”, American multinational computer technology corporation
Answer: Oracle

Hint: International supermarket chain, one of the largest supermarket chains in the world
Answer: Carrefour

Hint: Brand of primarily flavored soft drinks launched in 1979
Answer: Sunkist

Hint: Silver and olive drab circle with red ribbon, Brazilian beer first brewed in 1888
Answer: Brahma

Hint: red circle, letter “IN” and some Japanese fonts, company based in Beijing, Chinese oil and gas company
Answer: Sinopec

Hint: Orange and red oblique ovals with letter “I”, headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra, Indian diversified financial service company
Answer: ICICI Bank

Hint: Penguin wearing a red Scarf, free instant messaging computer program
Answer: Tencent QQ

Hint: Letter “GENUINE DRAFT”, brand of the second largest U.S. beer brewing company
Answer: Miller Genuine Draft

Hint: Spanish Lollipop Company
Answer: Chupa Chups

Hint: Green square with letter “X” and a paper inside it, a part of Microsoft Office Suite, spreadsheet application
Answer: Excel

Hint: Blue rectangle with a white building inside it, a specialized agency of the United Nation
Answer: UNESCO

Hint: A cabinet department of the United States federal government created in response to September 11 attacks
Answer: Homeland Security

Hint: NFX in red rectangle
Answer: Netflix

Hint: One of the six major American film studios, Simpsons, Star Wars, Ice Age
Answer: 20th Century Fox

Hint: Letter “E” in black circle
Answer: EA

The answers for level 8 of logo quiz by Android crowd has been completed, you can now continue to the level 9

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