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Logo quiz by fun box answers level 3Welcome to Fun Box Logo Quiz answers level 3 for Android – in this level there are total 50 logos you can guess, the first logo with yellow rectangle is National Geographic, red ellipse end with letter “A” is KIA, silver circle with blue rectangle is Volvo, start with red letter “B” and end with a blue dog footprint is Baidu, silver wings logo is Chrysler, merged red letters “NN” is CNN, black star in circle is Converse, grey pigeon is Dove, letter “F” in square is FILA, orange fox hugging world logo is Firefox, red letters “FJ” is Fujitsu, start with green letter “G” and ends with “GE” is Greenpeace.

Black square star with letter “G” is Guinness, the next logo is Marlboro, white blue oval has a red spear and letter “M” end with letter “I” is Maserati, silver circle with silver letter “Z”  is OPEL, start with red letter “O” and end with letter “E” is Oracle, end with letter “O” and small red arrow head is Speedo, start with letter “A” and end with letter “E” is Air France, start with letter “Q” ends with letter “A” and has motto “Pure Water*Perfect Taste” is Aquafina, the next logo is Ariel, a red arrowhead is Atomic, start with letter A and end with letter N is Avon, letters “BBRR” in circle is Bayer, a rectangle merged with letter “B” is Billabong, looks like a white ribbon in blue ellipse is Bluetooth, yellow green flower is BP, the next logo is Breil, black letter “B” with red triangle is Bridgestone, white arrow in black square is Burton, the next logo is Cadillac, start with letter “C” end with “R” in red background is Camper.

The next logo is Corvette, letters “DL” in yellow rectangle is DHL, letters “ISC” with a blue globe and bold blue line is Discovery Channel, start with letter “P” end with “r” in red oval is Dr Pepper, a black castle with letters “DP” and “P U ES” is Disney, a badge with letters WB” is Warner Bros, start with letter “A” and end with a green arrow symbol is AMD, a green robot in blue square is Android, start with letter “A” and end with letter “S” is Asus, letters “A I” in red rectangle is ATI, 4 silver bracelets is Audi, blue square with letter “X” is AXA, start with letter “B” end with letter “I” and a bat in red circle is Bacardi, start with pink letter “B” and end with letters “bi” is Barbie, a bat in yellow oval is Batman, start with blue letter “B” and end with letter “O” is Beko, the next logo is BIC and the last logo is BlackBerry.

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PS: Thanks to Jo Smith (our reader) for made contribution, he really helped us out with the answers.

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