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Fun box logo quiz answers level 5Welcome to Fun Box Logo Quiz answers level 5 – just like in the previous level, this one also has 60 logos. Let’s get started: the first logo with letter “P” end with letter “A” is Prada, a red eagle wearing a crown in blue circle is Saab, red letters “S N” is Sanyo, start with red letter “S” end with letter “P” is Sharp, start with letter “S” ends with letters “no” is Shimano, letters “S  E S” is Siemens, the next logo is Salomon, two gray eagles with a red ribbon is Smirnoff, the logo start with yellow letter “S” and end with “L” is STIHL, start with “S” ends with “AY” is Subway, start with red letter “T” on blue dashed underline is Tesco, the next logo is Ubuntu.

The black diamond logo is Umbro, woman’s face in circle is Versace, the logo start with letters “VO” is Vogue, silver ball with X fissure is Xbox, the logo ends with red letter “oo!” is Yahoo!, start with blue “Z” and end with “A” is Zara, big black letter “L” is Lee, the next logo is Sheraton, letter “Z” in blue circle is Zurich, the next logo is Toyota, red rectangle has letters “A  cco” is Adecco, start with “a’ ends with “ys” is Always.

Brown gold shield has letter “U” is UPS, the logo start with letter “A” and ends with letters “RT” is APART, the next logo is Atari, 3 black squares start with letter “B” is BBC, the next logo is Becks, start with letter “B” end with “Q” is BenQ, red letters “C” “o” is Canon, big letter “C and “T” with a yellow triangle is Caterpillar, blue letter “E” in blue circle is Dell, the next logo is Gucci, a red ampersand (&) symbol and red letter “M” is H&M, the next logo is Heineken.

Silver H in square is Honda, white oval with blue outline and backward blue “Z” in the inside is Hyundai,  a black shield with gold bull is Lamborghini, a badge with small horse in the center is Porsche, a jumping jaguar is Jaguar, black circle with white blue checkerboard in the inner circle is BMW, red oval with “B” and “I” is Bugatti, yellow square with blunt gold diamond shape is Renault, letters “RR” in square is Rolls Royce, silver wings with letter “B” in the center is Bentley, silver logo looks like a owl mask is Mazda, a blue oval with five white stars is Subaru.

The green oval logo that has L and VER is Land Rover, a orange triangle with letters “MM” is Maybach, start with A end with “in” is Austin, a silver oval and triangle is Infiniti, the next logo is Lincoln, blue shield with circle end with letter A is Lancia, a shield with red goat’s head is Dodge, the logo with letters “EKPH” is Patek Philippe, a eagle with Arabic font start with G is Gulf, a cherry with letters “PA” is Pacha, blue square with letters “OVO” is Novotel and the last logo is RBS.

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The logo quiz by Fun Box level 5 has been completed, stay tuned for the next level! We will post the level 6 answers as soon as possible when we have all the answers.

These answers was contributed by Jo Smith

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