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Logo quiz by bubble co answers level 9

Here is the answers for logo quiz by Bubble co/Fun Box level 9, there are total of 60 logos that need to be answered to complete the level.

Let’s get started: The first logo that looks like a ball and letters “GU” is Ligue1, letters “UT” with a small sail is Nautica, a man playing basketball in blue red rectangle is NBA, start with letter “N” and ends with “ee” in red rectangle is Newsweek, grey rectangle with letters “I G” is Ning, the next one is Picasa, blue square with letter “R” and a white dot is Rai, a pink bell is Taco Bell, black rectangle with colorful stripes and letters “c l r” is Technicolor, letter H in red square is History Channel, the next one is Total, a logo with letters “l de fo re” is Tour de France, start with letter R end with H is Triumph, a logo with letter V and a red horse is TVS, a star ball in square is Champions Leaque, blue rectangle with letters “SA ODA” is USA Today.

The next logo is Air Bus, a blue circle logo is Panam, start with a blue aircraft and ends with letters “AER” is Embraer, the next one is South African Airways, the next logo is Sims, a shield with letters “gg” is Koenigsegg, start with letters “MC” is McLaren, the next one is Pagani, red square with letters “A UR” is Saturn, the next one with letters “CAN” is Scania, a brown logo with letters “Fa…Ba” is Fakebake, two blue rectangles with letter S is Kose, blue letter “M” is Michigan, blue square with letters “SA ARI” is Pocari, the next one is Postit, start with letter A ends with letters “LIN” is Air Berlin.

The logo that start with exclamation mark and end with big letter L is JBL, a logo with a small sailboat and letters “O..S” is Old Spice, a logo start with ST is Stainway, a red circle and letters “NTA NES” is Continental, the next one is American Airlines, logo with letters “BO…BA…R” is Bombardier, start with EA is Eads, logo with letter “I ib” is Citibank, a rainbow with letters “ttle” is Skittles, a black square and letters “HOR” is Sephora, start with m end with s is Mentos, the next one is Roxy, a logo with motto: ”The Original Irish Cream” is Baileys, a logo ends with letters “int” is Sprint, start with letters “Mo” and “Sta” is Morgan Stanley, the next one is WHO.

The logo with blue circle is GE, green letter p and b is Publix, a red start and letters “ys” is Macys, logo with letters “RDig” and a winged horse is Readers Digest, pink letter “C” and “ITA” is Cosmopolitan, red circle with letters “TT L” is Mattel, a black square with one big letter “E” and small letters “es” is Etnies, start with letter “H” and ends with letters “ds” is Harrods, a man wearing red hat in black circle is Redhat, a logo with green blue circle in the center is Perrier, the next one is Carhartt and the last one is Aperol.

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This level has not yet completed, there are 9 missing logos. Help me please… :-)

Updated: That’s all the entire answers for logo quiz by Bubble co level 9, thank you everyone for your contributions.

Most answers by Sonny Zajac

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Fun Box (Bubble co) Logo Quiz Answers Level 9, 3.8 out of 5 based on 23 ratings

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