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Logo quiz by bubble quiz games level 15 answersLogo quiz answers level 15 by Bubble quiz games (a.k.a Fun Box or Bubble Co), this level currently is the last level of the game that consist only 21 logos, I’m sure they will add more another logos in the next update.  Ok let’s begin: The first logo in orange square is Orange, the second logo is Vanish, the third logo end with K is TDK, blue logo with letters SS is Zeiss, the brown circle logo is Dolce Gusto, end with letter S in black square is Koss, start with red letters “VI” is Vileda, the next one is Glycince, red black rectangle has letters “THE THOR” is X Factor, start with “TO” ends with “UY” is Toni and Guy, the next one is Office, letters “X s Smart” is Xperia.

White arrow in red square is Burton, logo start with letters “Th” ends with “upp” is ThyssenKrupp, the next one is Sennheiser, upside down yellow triangle in blue square is Varta, the next logo is Berghaus, the red logo is Quicksilver, G and D is Google Drive, the next one is Yelp, logo with letters “AS” in blue circle is NASA, the next one with hint “it’s a line of action figures produced by the toy company Hasbro” is Gi Joe.

Blue eagle logo has letters “United P” is United States Postal Service, letter H in circle has hint “it is a British motoring television magazine series” is Fifth Gear, black square logo has letters “the lo of p gs” is The Lord of The Rings, eye symbol with letters “LS D” has hint “it is an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab” is Second Life, a green brown box is Minecraft, letter “B o” in black rectangle is BBurago, logo with letters “ST RS” is Star Wars, letters “h tt” in green square is Hattrick, letters “SC &SO AMSTERDAM” logo is Scotch&Soda, big blue letter “Q” is Quicktime.

Logo with a skull in black square is Punisher, logo with letters “EU” and has 10 stars are Eurosport,  a ghost in no symbol is Ghostbusters, dinosaurs in black rectangle is Jurassic Park, yellow red logo with letters “TOY” is Toy Story, letters “MIR” in black rectangle is Miramax, a lion with letters “MG” is MGM, logo with letters “B ELLA L VEG” is Bellagio, logo with letters “ROW” is Rowenta, orange square logo is RSS.

Blue logo with letters “TEL” is Telmex, blue square logo has letter A and circle in the center is AppStore, logo with letters “Ph WS first” is Windows Phone, the next logo is Google Maps, a compass logo is Safari,  the blue circle logo is FBI, blue logo with letters “PlayS” is Playstation Move, a man with a gun logo is Max Payne, black rectangle logo has letters “C DUT” is Call of Duty, the blue orange logo is Australian Open.

A yellow rectangle logo is Pimp My Ride, green circle logo has letters “RG ROS PARIS” is French Open, blue rectangle logo with letters “my  .com” is MySpace, letters “L+” in black rectangle, blue rectangle logo with letter N is US Open, blue logo with letters “D Club” is Diners Club International, blue and red circles has letters “stro” is Maestro, hand in hand logo is Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

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The level 15 of logo quiz game by Bubble has been completed. Stay tuned for logo quiz by Bubble quiz games level 16 answers, we will post it when available. Updated: Answers for level 16

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Logo Quiz Answers Level 15 by Bubble Quiz Games, 3.4 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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