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Logo quiz Mateusz klaczak answers level 2Logo quiz by FUN BOX (Mateusz Klaczak) level 2 answers has revealed! Here are the all answers for level 2 that consist of 40 logos. Answering this level actually pretty easy since some logos are also found on another games, so if you’ve installed another logo quiz games on your phone then this level would be very easy for you.

Let’s get started: Gold cross is Chevrolet, two white letters N and A with blue square background is Nivea, the third logo is Mercedes, a boy fishing on the moon is DreamWorks, a red letter C is Coca Cola, a kitten wearing a red ribbon is Hello Kitty, the next logo is Alfa Romeo, silver eagle and letters “GA” is Giorgio Armani , star with blue L and ends with “in” in blue rectangle on the right is LinkedIn, a green arrow with a wing in gray circle is Skoda, the next logo is Wikipedia, white letter “F” in blue square is Facebook, three black stripes like a triangle is Adidas, red S symbol is Suzuki, black horse in yellow background is Ferrari, white letter “C” and black letter “N” is Cartoon Network.

The blue lines like a wave is Cisco, blue rectangle with yellow oval inside it is IKEA,¬† a cat with green eyes wearing a headphone is Napster, the panda logo is WWF, start with N is Nescafe, Star with S and ends with e in blue green square is Sprite, blue triangle and a ball in the center is AOL, Blue B ZZ in black rectangle is Blizzard, silver mask logo is Daewoo, a red badge with letter D is Ducati, the next logo is HBO, Tennessee sour mash whiskey is Jack Danield’s, three birds in bird cage with letter “le” is Nestle, start with N ends with X in red square is Netflix, the next logo is Philips, a black puma jumping is Puma, the next logo is Shell, brown circle and looks like a tree inside it (Timberland), a building with blue roof and blue floor is UNESCO, letter v in square is Visa, a tuning fork symbol is Yamaha, letter R in red circle is Rossignol, the next logo is Nvidia and the last one is Chevron.

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You just got all the answers for level 2 of logo quiz game by FUN BOX (Mateusz Klaczak), now let’s move to the next level.

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