Logos Quiz Answers Level 13 (Carlos Alcarria)

logos quiz answers level 13Logo quiz answers level 13 by Carlos Alcarria for Android phone – The first logo orange yellow circle has hint “brand name of a popular laundry detergent manufactured by Procter & Gamble” is Tide, red blue logo has letters “SS” is Cessna, letters “pbe” logo has hint “fashion brand that produces apparel women/men, accessories, eyewear, watches” is Paco Rabanne, red chili logo has hint “restaurant chain founded by Larry Lavine” is Chilis, letters “an U” logo has hint “third largest credit bureau in the United States” is Transunion, blue circle with letters Read the rest of this entry

Fun Box (Bubble co) Logo Quiz Answers Level 13

Logo quiz by Bubble co level 13 answersLogo quiz by Bubble co level 13 answers – The first logo with blue rectangle start with letter “SE” is Seiko, the second logo is Froot Loops, the next one with yellow rectangle is Playdoh, start with letter W and end with red circle is Wall-E, blue circle with letters “Pill..y” is Pillsbury, yellow circle is blue square is Lidl, start with “FE” and end with “I” is Fendi, letter J and O is Jlo, the next logo that ends with letters “US” is Lorus, start with Z end with H and has small star is Zenith, a red square has letter “CE..A” is Certina, logo with letters “MO” and “NC” is Montblanc. Read the rest of this entry