Logos Quiz Answers Level 14 (Carlos Alcarria)

Logos Quiz Answers Level 14 Logos quiz answers level 14 by Carlos Alcarria for Android phone – here you will find all answers for logo quiz carlos alcarria level 14, let’s get started: the first logo is very easy it’s Superman our superhero, the second logo is Oceanic Airlines, brown rectangle logo has letters “HE Y” hint “largest chocolate manufacturer in North America” is Hersheys, five colorful rings logo has hint “major international event featuring summer and winter sports“ is Olympic Games, blue logo with a book in the center and three crowns are Oxford, logo with letters “K x” and a small Read the rest of this entry

Logo Quiz Answers Level 14 by Bubble Quiz Games

level 14 answers bubble quiz gamesHere is the answer for level 14 of logo quiz by Bubble quiz games (a.k.a Fun box or Bubble co), in this level there are only 60 logos available. Ok let’s get started: The first logo with red circle and letters “AMU” “SPORTWEAR” is Samurai, the second logo with red letters “K.SW” and a shield is K-Swiss, a football boot and a ball is MLS, yellow logo with letters “el Pol L o” is El Pollo Loco, logo ends with letters “HANA” is Benihana, logo with letter “D ON” is Denon, yellow square logo is Netto, logo with letter NV has motto “Whole Home Audio” is Nuvo, Read the rest of this entry