Logos Quiz Answers Level 15 (Carlos Alcarria)

logo quiz answers level 15 carlos alcarriaLogos quiz answers level 15 by Carlos Alcarria – here is the complete answers of logo quiz for Android by Carlos Alcarria level 15, let’s get started: the first logo in black rectangle has a red lobster in the center and motto: ”fresh fish live lobster” is Red Lobster, the second logo with letters “D A AI L S” has hint “major United States airline headquartered in Atlanta, United States” is Delta Airlines, a warrior riding a black horse with red shield and letters “LST” is Holsten, letters “PDr” in red oval has hint “soft drink marketed as having a unique flavor” is Read the rest of this entry

Logo quiz by bubble quiz games level 15 answersLogo quiz answers level 15 by Bubble quiz games (a.k.a Fun Box or Bubble Co), this level currently is the last level of the game that consist only 21 logos, I’m sure they will add more another logos in the next update.  Ok let’s begin: The first logo in orange square is Orange, the second logo is Vanish, the third logo end with K is TDK, blue logo with letters SS is Zeiss, the brown circle logo is Dolce Gusto, end with letter S in black square is Koss, start with red letters “VI” is Vileda, the next one is Glycince, red black rectangle has letters “THE THOR” is X Factor, start Read the rest of this entry