answers for car logo quiz level 8Logo quiz cars answers level 8 for Android by Bubble quiz games, in this level there are total of 15 car brands and maybe you will see many of car brands that you never heard. Let’s begin: the first car logo in silver oval has letters “SC” is Scion, a red letter R in red circle is Rambler, a blue car logo has letters “ley” is Riley, letter S car logo is Seat, logo with letter C and yellow triangle is Smart, logo looks like a fan of aircraft has motto “Nulla tenaci invia est via” is Spyker. Read the rest of this entry

Fun Box (Bubble co) Logo Quiz Answers Level 8

fun box bubble co logo quiz answers level 8Logo quiz by Bubble Co/Fun Box answers level 8 – Let’s get started: The first logo that start with letter S and end with “r” is Sears, orange logo with heart symbol and letters “UND” is Soundcloud, start with letters “SP” and ends with “IN” is Spalding, tilted red rectangle has letter “LE” and motto: “that was easy” is Staples, a queen in green circle is Starbucks, black swan is Swarovski, the next one is Tag Heuer, orange circle within yellow circle and letters “T e” is Tide, a mountain with letters “O LER” is Toblerone, the next one is Tommy Hilfiger, double letter T is Read the rest of this entry

Android Crowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 8

Logo quiz by Android crowd answers level 8Logo Quiz by Android Crowd answers Level 8 – in this level 8 you need to answers at least 31 logos before you can continue to the next level of the game and below are the hints and the answers for this level.

Hint: Nickname is Big Blue an American multinational technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Amronk.
Answers: IBM

Hint: Orange circle with leaf inside, a global brand of fruit flavored carbonated soft drink from the Coca Cola Company Read the rest of this entry

Stage 8 Logo Quiz Answers Meeyo Full Version

meeyo logo quiz stage 8 answersLogo quiz meeyo full version stage 8 answers have been completed, here you can get all the answers to complete this level and continue to level 9. Ok let’s get started: the first answer is Lotto, the second logo is Asics, the third logo is The Ramones, the next logo that looks like a sun symbol on bold blue line is Dole, start with letter C and ends with letter M is Camcom, the next logo is Akzo Nobel, letter ‘i” in red object is Texas Instruments, the next logo is NCR, tree blue lines is Ericsson, white rotated arrow in red square is Burton. Read the rest of this entry

Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 for Android

Logos Quiz answers level 8 for Android (Carlos Alcarria) is the latest stage of this game, in this level only 30 logos available to guess, the first logo is USPS, Zara, Vimeo, Tripadvisor and the last one is Bank of China’s logo. We hope the developer will add more logos and levels in the next update, make sure your app is updated to get more additional logos. Read the rest of this entry